Elected for Newton and Yealmpton

by keithbaldry on May 10, 2015

Elected as District Councillor for Newton and Yealmpton.  Thank you. The parishes of Holbeton, Newton and Noss, Sparkwell, Yealmpton Voting figures: Keith Baldry 1762  elected   Liberal Democrat Party Ian Blackler 1537  elected   Conservative Party Suzie Cooper 1417  Conservative Party John Green 1083   Green Party

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Speed up Main Road work

by keithbaldry on April 21, 2015

The A379 between Yealmpton and Brixton has for several weeks been reduced to a single open lane controlled by traffic lights.  Notices say that this is due to subsidence, but Liberal Democrats have learnt that it is because of a crack in the road surface.  Lib Dems have demanded that the work is speeded up. […]

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Some of Keith Baldry’s policies.

by keithbaldry on March 27, 2015

Keith is campaigning for the ending of separate District and County councils and the creation of a single South Devon Council. Savings could be made. Our priorities could be set locally, rather than in Exeter. We might get the potholes filled and roadside weeds dealt with if we had more local control over the budget. […]

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Let us have a single council

by keithbaldry on March 8, 2015

The present division of responsibility between county and district is confusing and expensive.  For example South Hams District Council collects our refuse and Devon County Council disposes of it; weeds at the roadside are sprayed by the county, they are swept up by the district.  There are many more examples of confusion. Keith Baldry has […]

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Save our bus Service.

by keithbaldry on

Devon County Council is threatening to cut and reduce bus services.  Many people use the bus as they have no other option.  They have no other way to get around.  Cutting these services will hit hard  those who cannot drive or who do not have access to a car.  The cuts must be stopped. Your […]

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A Fairer Deal for Rural Villages

by keithbaldry on February 24, 2015

If elected as your District Councillor, Keith Baldry will continue to fight to make sure that rural villages get a fair share of the South Hams budget.  An unfair proportion is at present spent in the towns.  The towns have their leisure facilities paid for by the District Council.  Unlike the towns we in the […]

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In the public sector no one service exists in glorious isolation from another. In all this talk of not cutting health budgets we have neglected adult social care budgets only to find that the interplay between them means that we have been “robbing Peter to pay Paul.” This has impacted disproportionately on elderly people in […]

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Good local councillors help with local issues.

by keithbaldry on January 27, 2015

Out and about over the week-end meeting people with Parliamentary candidate Tom Davies.  Little or no interest in national politics from voters.   Instead it was traditional local matters that they wanted action on – playground facilities, speeding, bus services and high fares, grass cutting and of course dog mess.  These are issues which hard working […]

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Ivybridge Recycling Depot   Devon County Council has not reached agreement with Plymouth City Council for South Hams residents to use Chelson Meadow so we are expected to use Ivybridge.  In our Residents’ Survey we asked if you are happy with the arrangements at Ivybridge.  Of those who use the depot 32% said they were happy.  […]

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Keith Baldry has spent time with the South Hams Dog Warden telling her where the problems are.  He has asked for more bins.  This serious anti – social behaviour needs to stop.  How stupid are those who collect their dogs mess in plastic bags and then leave them in hedges or trees.  Who do they […]

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