Update on Residents Survey

by keithbaldry on November 8, 2014

Over the past month we have delivered 2000 Residents’ Survey leaflets across the new District Council ward which includes Battisborough Cross, Holbeton, Lee Mill, Membland, Mothecombe,  Newton Ferrers, Noss Mayo, Sparkwell and Yealmpton. Responses have come back at a high satisfying rate. During November we will analyse and summarise the replies and take appropriate action, […]

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We need affordable houses for local people

by keithbaldry on October 22, 2014

Ivybridge Gazette 10 October 2014: “At last weeks council meeting…Cllr Baldry said ‘The need in the South Hams is for affordable houses-not ones costing £400,000 and £500,000′.”

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Keith Baldry to stand for re-election to South Hams

by keithbaldry on September 18, 2014

At their meeting in September 2014 local Liberal Democrats have endorsed Keith Baldry as a candidate for the new 2 member ward of Yealmpton and Newton Ferrers.  Keith is the current councillor for Yealmpton. Despite widespread local opposition the Local Government Boundary Commission has revised District Council wards in South Hams.  The new ward will have […]

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Target Broadband speeds ‘Woefully Inadaquate’

by keithbaldry on September 13, 2014

  Many people in the South Hams are unhappy about broadband coverage.  Speeds vary enormously.  The government target is for 90% of Devon and Somerset to achieve 2 Mbps by the end of 2016.  But only 60% of South Hams is expected to reach this speed.   Even when the speed is achieved Keith Baldry told […]

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by keithbaldry on June 25, 2014

The state of some of our roads is a disgrace. Partly caused by bad roads, but mainly by poor maintenance and years of neglect.  Basic regular maintenance work would prevent the cost of remedial work.  The County Council is cutting services at a cost to the public.

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Funding Your Projects

by keithbaldry on

I have £1500 a year available to recommend for local community projects.  Please contact me.  I have recently agreed funding for Yealmpton Youth, the Pre School, Yealmpton Community Association, and Yealmpton Athletic C

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No HS2 – Spend the money on rail improvements everwhere

by keithbaldry on February 12, 2014

Keith Baldry spoke out at the Lib Dem regional conference against any more money being spent on HS2. He said there was a much greater need for investment in rail infra structure in regional areas.  He said such a major expenditure as proposed for HS2 was not good value for money.  The conference called for inclusion […]

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At the Regional Liberal Democrat held in Exeter, Keith Baldry appealed to members not to forget basic Lib Dem principles of protecting those on low incomes and the deprived. He said that the Party in government had rightly spoken proudly of its success in raising the rate at which people to £10,000. But they should not […]

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Lavatory Closure – the fight goes on

by keithbaldry on November 14, 2013

At the November South Hams Scrutiny Panel meeting, Keith Baldry presented a paper on the health risks of closing public lavatories.  He was congratulated on the research he has done.  The committee decided by 4 votes to 3 that it was not the right time to recommend that South Hams Executive abandons plans to close […]

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Closing Public Lavatories – A health risk?

by keithbaldry on September 30, 2013

South Hams District Council is proposing winter closure of a number of public conveniences.  At the September Council meeting Keith Baldry quizzed the Executive Member about whether he had taken into account possible health risks.  The Executive member said there were none.  Keith Baldry argued there was a risk.  He quoted Age UK: “Lack of […]

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